Annual educational festival on gender equality
and freedom of choice
Freedom = Knowledge + Choice
Our mission is to spread gender literacy in Russia
We are the biggest educational festival in Russia dedicated to gender equality, freedom of choice and to the equal value of each person despite gender, sexuality, nationality and other social frames.

We build up a crossroad where experts, scientific and social leaders, public figures, entrepreneurs, state workers and general audience meet with each other in a dialogue.
We create a safe space
for important social dialogue
In total the festival was visited by around 8000 people. Moscow FemFest speakers are more than 80 experts, including Irina Prokhorova (NLO books founder), Alena Popova (Russian main women's rights fighter), Karinna Moskalenko (Russia's leading human rights lawyer), Marina Pisklakova-Parker (Founder and Chair of the Board, Center for the Prevention of Violence – ANNA), Irina Kosterina (programme coordinator at Heinrich Böll Stiftung Russia), Zhanna Chernova (HSE University, Moscow), Anna Rivina (lawyer, founder of, Arina Kholina (lifestyle journalist), Sasha Mitroshina (Russian feminist blogger with more than 2,8 million subscribers), etc.
Moscow FemFest 2020
Will take place on November 21-22, 2020 ONLINE. The festival is supported by the EU Delegation in Russia. Please, register following the link below.
Our principles
Each festival unites 25+ experts at one stage
Diversity of topics
We raise very different questions which are interesting to both experts and beginners

Multiple formats
TED-style conference, workshops, interactive performances, artistic statements, discussion and debates in one day under one roof

Freedom of thinking
Moscow Femfest is an educational festival. We don't propagate ideologies. Our purpose is to share expertise and knowledge, giving our guests right to choose their own position. We create a friendly professional vibe for productive and respectful discussion

Friendly and respectful environment
We create a friendly professional vibe for productive and respectful discussion. We don't allow aggression and conflicts

Gender education can't b exclusive. Free entrance to the festival is a must
We speak truth about women
and female experiences
We seek solutions through dialogue
We are in popular media
The Guardian, The Village, Afisha Daily, Snob, Buro., Colta, Novaya Gazeta, Radio Svoboda, Lady, and other media
Moscow FemFest 2020 team
Irina Izotova
PhD in Philosophy, MA in gender studies, founder and programme director of Moscow FemFest

Lola Tagaeva
Journalist, ex editor-in-chief of RAIN Russian TV Channel. Leads the strategic development and promotion of Moscow FemFest
Marina Leksina
Feminist activist, coordinator and fundriser of Moscow FemFest
Aleksandra Tunko
Psychologist, founder of educational project for women VSMYSLE. The chief of Moscow FemFest social media channels.
Previous teams
2019: Irina Izotova, Lola Tagaeva, Maria Uvarova, Maria Filatova, Evgenia Sorokina.

2018: Irina Izotova, Maria Uvarova, Maria Filatova, Evgenia Sorokina.

2017: Irina Izotova, Lola Tagaeva, Anna Gilyova, Daria Kuk, Maria Uvarova, Maria Filatova, Evgenia Sorokina, Galna Pashinskaya.
We teach gender literacy – the key soft skill of XXI century. See you at the festival!
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